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Aus der Tiefe des Raumes

Joooten Tach zusammen.

Your average German.
Studying in a historical important city. Likes to rant about everything, especially politics and Bundesliga.
Likes pretty and cute stuff like details, cakes, and everything "kitschy".

You know that "Schadenfreude" is a German word.

I do speak English, not perfectly fine because it's just my second language (which means I may not get every pun or saying, but I try!), and I learned Latin, French and Spanish at school. This means I understand them (well, not Latin anymore, I always sucked at it), but my grammar and vocabulary are not that good since I haven't used them for months/years.
I also understand Dutch and Luxembourgian because I live quite close to the border and a bit Italian thanks to Latin.

I'm open for new cultures, but I hate extremists, both left and right. If you are one, please don't befriend me.
Also, I'm not religious. I've been baptized and raised Roman-Catholic, but after many arguments with pastors and oh-so-important nuns I decided to secede from church.
That doesn't mean I hate religious people, in fact, I like it when people can be religious. I just don't like those who want to "convert" me or those who say I'll go to hell because of not believing. It's my life, so do what you want but don't get me involved in stuff like that.
Currently, I'd say I'm agnostic because I don't think there is no higher power.