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Changed Policy towards Scanlation groups

I've just read that there is new policy. That means the publishers want to stop scanlation teams to scanlate their Manga.

I mean, alright. They work and make money with the Manga and it's not fair if the Manga are published illegal so they can't profit of it anymore.
I can understand the publishers to a point.

Otherwise, me who is living here in Germany is worried and disappointed as well. There are only a handful of good Manga in Germany and importing is so fucking expensive, you don't believe it.
I'd love to read all kinds of Manga. I can't read Japanese, but the US and other European countries are so more advanced in Manga than Germany.

So here is my suggestion:
Why not develop some kind of international warehouse for Manga that make it less expensive to export (e.g. a warehouse in every country so you have to pay less delivery charges)? I'd rather pay for books than being not able to read them at all.

I mean... here in Germany you have to pay 6€ for Manga. In the Japanese bookstores you pay mostly 15(!)€. Both is expensive (where are the times Manga were only 5€? Sigh...).
The other problem are the translations. English manga are no problem, I could figure out French and Spanish and even Italian and Dutch, but Japanese/Chinese/Korean? Please, translate more Manga!

I keep this entry public because I have a tiny bit of hope somebody in a higher position might read this.



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10th Jun, 2010 17:02 (UTC)
My main problem is the speed of which the publishers work. All the U.S. publishers are behind the Japanese chapters by about 10 volumes. And I really don't want to have to wait 'til whenever they "feel like the market is best" to release the next volume. And then the publishers decide to just drop or delay series without warnings! D:< I wish there was a site you could sign up to where you could pay to see up to date scanlations sanctioned by the publishers. =.= I would subscribe to that.

Manga is ridiculously expensive here too. Most volumes are around 10-13USD per volume. (I think that's 7-9.5€) It's always been that price since as long as I can remember... D: And now the publishers are cheaping out and either raising the prices, or drastically reducing the quality of the volumes. Tokyopop is pitiful. They can't even get the same color ink for the printing down the spine of one of the series I read. Every volume is a slightly different color, and it's not intentional. >:| It looks ridiculous.
Instead of not licensing so many generic bad Japanese series, a lot of the original English language manga by American artists were canceled as soon as the market went bad. And several of the smaller publishers went defunct recently, so some of the series I was reading are gone with no hope of getting new volumes until another publisher decideds to license it again. D: /end rant
10th Jun, 2010 17:23 (UTC)
Same here D: I see Gakuen Alice has already 18 volumes in Spain while were at volume 9 D: It's so stupid... series that seem very popular like Naruto, One Piece and now Fairy Tail and Soul Eater get a new volume every month while we have to wait half a year to see the newest chapters D:< I don't have anything against these series but it's just not fair!
Fortunately I don't know manga that'd been dropped... except for being dropped by the mangka themselves.

That's a high price for manga, really ridicolous... of course if you like series you buy them but money is limited D: and I think paper doesn't cost that much... and translaters don't get paid that well either D:
We have Tokyopop here, too, and I know what you mean... *glaring at manga shelf*

German artists are quite lucky... there are some that are really popular (like Robert Labs and Judith Park) who always have chances of being published regularly (ehem... every half years -.-). Others get published in smaller manga (called Chibis). Maybe were lucky that we have 3 big publishers here in Germany (Tokyopop, Carlsen and Egmont), but it seems like manga outside of Japan somehow go wrong... D:
10th Jun, 2010 18:24 (UTC)
You know what makes me mad? The Rose of Versailles has never been published in the States. Never. I've always wanted to read it, but I can't find any scanlations either. D':
I know what you mean, all the good non mainstream titles are always neglected here too.

I'm pretty sure all manga has had a $9.99 sticker price for the past decade. :/ Maybe in today's economy that would make sense, but five years ago? That's crazy! >:| (There is a slightly bigger size format which a lot of publishers use for more obscure titles, that they charge $12.99 The quality is usually no better than the smaller cheaper volumes.)
I loathe Tokyopop, but they publish several series I like. *scowls*

There really isn't much of an industry for America artists who do comics other than superhero comic books. ;A; The graphic novel and OEL manga industry is unknown to most of the general population. Even superhero comic books aren't that popular outside of their little niche. It really sucks because that's what I want to do, but people always scoff at me when I say I want to draw comics for a living. I hate that most people think comics are just for little kids! D:< I heard something the other day that said the Japanese doujin industry alone is bigger than the entire comic industry in the United States. I believe it.
We've got several publishers, but the big three are Tokyopop, Viz, and DelRay. Some of the smaller ones are Yen Press, Darkhorse (which is actually a comic book publisher but has a manga branch), and Vertical (which publishes a lot of older titles from the 70s, so I like them for that) there's probably more I just can't think of any. The publishers that just went poof in the economic downturn are CMX, ADV, Broccoli, and Go Comi. T_T Again, sorry for ranting...
10th Jun, 2010 18:38 (UTC)
...The Rose of Versailles.. NEVER? Now that's a big sin D: It isn't published here anymore but it was around 10 years ago...

I have a few Manga from the US (Whistle!) and I think they were about 7€... and I see the paper is thicker and heavier but it's true that that's not better.. :/

Ranting makes free ;) And it really is frustrating... Well, looking at the manga shelfs in japanese bookstores always makes me jealous :/ every super market has more manga than our biggest bookstore D:<

The cliche stuff is hard, too. I'm glad there are at least a few people in my clique that like manga but I think my best friend and I are the only ones who really are into them. And I've been mocked at for reading manga so often now.. especially by people who think they're better than everyone else because they have a job and a boyfriend and are sooo mature... .____.
Thanks to only having 3 bigger publishers and only 1 or 2 smaller ones not many just die... but otherwise they all have their own styles and something like yaoi is really... proscribed -.-
10th Jun, 2010 18:55 (UTC)
I think a couple chapters were published in the 80s in a magazine, but a full volume has never been released. ;A;

I don't know why they use such a thick paper stock, there is no real need.
I've seen pictures of Japanese bookstores. They make me sad. D:

I don't really have any real life friends that read manga. That probably just because I live in a really small rural town. I can probably count the people who read manga on one hand, but none of them are really into it like me. D:
I've gotten mocked for liking comics and cartoons in general. ._.;
The larger publishers all have little divisions for yaoi... >.> You just usually don't find those volumes in stores. Or if you do, they're usually plastic wrapped. <.<;;
10th Jun, 2010 19:11 (UTC)
That's... oh my god D:

Agreeing in both. They look amazing! But the difference is that in Japan all kinds of people read manga, even adults... here everybody thinks manga and comics are the same and only for children and girls .___.

I think my friend is even crazier than me :D but for shopping we have to visit the larger cities like Düsseldorf and Cologne... the bookstore in our city really is ridiculous -.-

Plastic wraps! Annoying! I mean you want to know what to buy! If they want they can make a giant "18+" on every volume but they could leave them unwrapped at least D:

That's why I liked the scanlation teams and websites that publish manga... I already bought many manga I read there (and imported them for much money..).
I'd love to have some kind of online library! Not with paid membership but with example pages and paying for every manga!
10th Jun, 2010 20:04 (UTC)
Here people just thing manga and comics are for children in general. I don't know many girls who read comics. It tends to be a male dominated industry... :/

I don't even have a bookstore in my town. The closest book store is a 45 minute drive away. D: I usually buy books from the internet and have them shipped.
Oooh Cologne, I've always wanted to see the cathedral there. It looked pretty from the pictures in my art history textbook. Is it?

Funny thing is, I've bought a plastic wrapped manga before I was 18, and no one said anything. It makes no sense. Why bother?

As do I. I really only use scanlation sites to preview series to see if I want to buy them. You usually have to read a chapter or to to figure out if you like a series or not.
Yeah, if all the publishers would offer previews, I might buy more from them!
10th Jun, 2010 20:17 (UTC)
There's a magazine here in Germany that publishes girls only stories - it keeps the female readers up...

Alright, I think I'm really lucky here... I'm at our bookstore in 20 minutes on my bike D:
Oh, it is. But it'll never be finished, there is always scaffolding around it. But that's good; an old legend says that the world will perish if it gets finished :D

You pay for it. As long as you pay for it you can get anything. Well, they may stop you with alcohol, but books? Sad world, isn't it.

Absolutely :D okay, many Japanese manga are wrapped in foil as well but if I buy them I know what they're about (like the Hetalia manga).
10th Jun, 2010 20:47 (UTC)
We had a magzine called Shojo Beat that was targeted towards girls, but it went defunct last year. It's okay it was an awful magazine, all the comics were printed in hot pink and baby blue. D: *shudders*

I live in the mountains, I'd have to be super athlete to get around them on a bike. D': I also happen to live far away from town. It would take me a whole day to walk there. orz
I've seen cathedrals in Italy before though, they were all covered in scaffolding too. D:

Yup. =_=
Hey, at least you guys can buy alcohol sooner than we can. You have to be 21 to drink/purchase in the States. I think that's why so many people are irresponsible about alcohol here, they're not exposed to it when they're younger. *shakes head*

I'll laugh if Tokyopop's Hetalia manga is plastic wrapped. (Why did Tokyopop have to get it? *sobs*)
10th Jun, 2010 21:27 (UTC)
Haha :D We had a boys magazine that went defunct called Banzai... strangely enough it had mostly popular titles like Naruto, Dr. Slump etc.

Oooh... that'd be nothing for me (<- unathletic orz). I'm really lucky to live in one of the most populated areas here... although I think living somewhere away from the city could be nice, too (except for if you want something extraordinary I bet - like manga.. .___.).
I suppose it's both expensive and time-consuming... but it's sad because they'd be prettier without

Believe me, there are enough 13 year olds you can find drunk at parties... >___< stupids... they're all so unreasonable

Haha, too mature? :D Maybe they paid the most...
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